I live with my Goldens in Suonenjoki, close middle of Finland.
 All my dogs – also puppies – live with me in the house.

Domestic animals have always been a part of my live. As a child I had the chance to spend a lot of time with my grandparents in the countryside taking care of dogs, cats, cows and horses. My parents had a pug, and later on I had the pleasure of having my own horse. A dog of my own was an obvious choice after graduating and moving to my own home.

I got my first Golden Retriever in 1989 mainly as a home and family dog, but with time I learned more about the breed and took an interest in different activities relating to versatile Goldens. My most pleasant pastime at the moment is walking in the wild, retrieval training and dog shows. In addition to the dog shows I have participated, for example, in retriever qualifying tests, field trials, tracking and obedience tests. Nowadays, competing in so many events is not possible due to the number of my own dogs, my current situation in my life and my wish to concentrate more on breeding dogs. So I have concentrated more on keeping my dogs active at home, in dog shows and retriever qualification tests. Competing in all events requires intensive training and being away from home, which is not possible at the moment. Autumn 2008 I got possibility to partisipate bird hunting.
We also got well catch.

I am a member of Finnish Kennel Club, Golden Ring in Finland, Savon Nuuskut (local retriever club), Finland’s Retriever Association and some non-Finnish Golden Retriever associations.

I was granted a kennel name “Goldwater” in 1995, and the first litter was born in 2001.

Information for those interested in puppies:

I sell the puppies at the age of 7 – 8 weeks and they are checked by a vet and marked with microship identification. I give detailed instructions and basic supplies with each puppy. I go through the instructions in detail with each buyer. We also agree that each puppy is to be examined for PEVISA (elbows, hips and eyes) at the age of 1 - 2 years.
My aim is to breed in every way healthy Golden Retrievers, cherishing both the appearance and
working characteristic of a true Golden Retriever.

All litters live with me in the house and will also learn to live with my adult dogs
before they go to their new homes.

The Golden Retriever is a working dog and therefore I sell the puppies to active homes who take an interest in mutual joy as well as the physical and mental well-being of a dog – not to the cost of them.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all the owners of the dogs bred by me, who have taken their dogs to different competitions and dog shows! Thank you all for loving and taking good care of your dogs! I wish you joy and happiness in all your activities with your own Goldwater Golden!

If you are interested to know more about Goldwater Goldens, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I am more than happy to discuss my Goldens with you!