BISS-2 -puppy


Isä / Sire: Se ShCh Gi JCh Stanroph Si Maximillion Terra Di Sienna

Emä / Dam: Goldwater Just Dance Waltz


Synt / Born: 13.12.2021

Lonkat / Hips: A/A
Kyynärpäät / Elbows: 0/0
Silmät / Eyes: Terve / Clear (28.1.2023)
GR-PRA1 & GR-PRA2: A-Normaali / A-Normal (by parents)


Tuloksia / Results:


PN2 / 2nd BB



2 x BISS-2 pentu / 2 x BISS-2 puppy
2 x ROP-pentu / 2 x BOB-puppy

3 x VSP-pentu / 3 x BOS-puppy


Mrs. Jacquiline Ward, UK

13.11.2022 Jyväskylä kv / int (Mirkku just 11 months)

11 months. Balanced in outline. She is a good breed type. Head needs to preape. Strong neck. Good topline. Good bone and feet. Good angulation fore and after. Extreamly sound on the move.


Mrs. Glennis Hewitson, UK /
27.8.2022 Tampere, Golden retrievers main speciality show

Liked this young bitch of 9 months very much. Most best of front angulation. Excellent reach of neck. Strong dark pigmentatation. Plenty of bone and substance. Excellent topline. Deep through the chest. Good bend of stifle with strong hocks. Shown in excellent condition and well handled. Should have a good future.


Mrs. Kathy Braeckman (Glitters), BE / 2.7.2022 Lappeenranta, Golden Special

6,5 months old sweet puppy who looks very balanced both standing and
move. Kindly expression and long neck. Well angulated front and back.
Strong and deep body for age. Could be a shorter in loin. Level topline.
Lovely bone. Moves very well for age.


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